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How to use dormancy in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word dormancy? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Day length is usually the most critical factor in regulating vegetative growth, flower initiation and development, and the induction of dormancy.
It is important to provide a fertile, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil, a sunny site and a cold period of dormancy.
At the end of two years' research when all tests had proved satisfactory the project fell into a state of dormancy.
Geographical variation results in clinal variation triggering aestival dormancy.
The holly bush is said to be considered a symbol of the continuation of life because it remains green during winter dormancy.
Mount St. Helens has been an active volcano for about 40,000 years with intermittent periods of dormancy.
An old and unconquered fear murmurs and shifts in its sleep, and I'm tiptoeing round it for fear of rousing it from dormancy.
After months of dormancy a mass mailing email worm has exploded onto the Internet.
In some cases deciduous trees will react by dropping their leaves and going into dormancy to conserve moisture.
Several aspects of the observed inactivity strongly resembled the dormancy induced by the water loss.
Previous research showed that a growth regulating plant hormone called gibberellin could increase yam dormancy time for food storage purposes.
Our study of the anatomy and histochemistry of the seed coat has identified a number of potential dormancy mechanisms.
Leaves communicate photoperiodic signals to meristems, stolons and buds in flowering, tuberization and dormancy.
The third step in forcing dormancy is to wait three or four days after spraying and completely defoliate the plant by pulling off the leaves.
Cold and moist conditions are necessary in order to stratify and break the seeds' dormancy.
The potential of ethanol to break dormancy in tubers was demonstrated for Jerusalem artichoke.
It is well known that red-grained wheats show a wider variation in grain dormancy than white-grained wheats.
From September the plants start to enter dormancy so that by late October it is at a maximum.
These cormels are planted after the dormancy period when the roots at the base indicate swelling.
The sun's gentle rays were thawing the winter ice. Nature was just beginning to blossom, after a period of dormancy.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There is little movement during dormancy except for the deepening or horizontal extension of the hibernaculum.
It has now to be shewn that the germs of disease also retain their vital powers in a state of dormancy during a lengthened period.
Thus, at the proper time, the milk-glands of a mammalian mother are awakened from their dormancy.
That has been during their season of dormancy, but in every case they have pushed at the proper time.
The change of seasons, and an annual period of dormancy, demand forethought and prudence.
The most remarkable thing about them is the length and intensity of their dormancy in hibernation.
The activity of the plague in London in 1563 made up for its dormancy in the years preceding.
A distinction of great importance from a physiological and a practical point of view is made between rest and dormancy in plants.
That is a sign of the absence, or at least of the dormancy, of the Comic idea.
Morpho physiological dormancy in seed of two North American and one Eurasian species of Sambucus with underdeveloped spatulate embyos.
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