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How to use contrary to in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "contrary to"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
On the face of it, the practice of contingency fees could very well be tortious, contrary to the torts of champerty and maintenance.
To do so is foolish and ill-mannered, invites scorn, and is contrary to the whole principle of the clan system.
During the Revolutionary War, the civilian militias were, again contrary to myth, ineffective on the whole as a fighting force.
Is the outcome of the big rip theory contrary to principles of conservation of energy?
These boys, contrary to early claims made by grubby politicians, were not guilty of misbehaviour of any kind.
And this crisis provides a useful reminder that, contrary to popular belief, our media are often not nearly as troublemaking as they should be.
The Puritan charges to which Hooker felt obliged to respond were at times quite specific, either contrary to Scripture or unscriptural.
It all came back, a flood of unrestrainedness so contrary to what I have felt myself to be lately.
Lee's demands for these payments were unreasonable and contrary to the contract.
Flip-flops, contrary to your apparent belief system, do not go with pencil skirts and sweater twinsets.
People often act contrary to their expressed beliefs, including morality. so what defines morality?
Likewise the supply of the service may be contrary to law, for example, in a brothel or an unlicensed casino.
And, contrary to popular belief the Titanic is just as sinkable as any ship out there.
The decided cases since that date have clearly illustrated grounds upon which the items of account may be held to be contrary to law.
The participation of girls and young women in gymnastic exhibitions was judged as contrary to public decency.
It was also contrary to the neoclassical paradigm with its methodology of equilibrium.
If an agreement of this general kind is held to be contrary to public policy, it may be unenforceable.
Under no circumstances will any unit or individual be permitted to act contrary to the law.
The Army, contrary to perception, tends to ease them out of frontline duty.
The friend zone, contrary to what I'd been told, had an awful lot of amenities.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Rey was surprised by conduct so contrary to the idea which he had formed of Rosarito.
It may be said on first thought that tillage is a practice contrary to nature.
It was contrary to all the homely traditions at the farm to kill or maltreat a toad.
It is only rarely that he is trammeled with being forced to write contrary to his convictions.
He did not think well of the division of verses by the massora, and contrary to its directions, joined consecutive verses.
He had been taken prisoner when engaged in some exploit which was contrary to the usages of war.
The fact is, contrary to the notions of the last generation, that success in revaccination is the rule, not the exception.
Those which are contrary to the forementioned hurts, I leave to your own consideration.
It seemed so brutal and uncourteous, and altogether contrary to his principles.
She freely acquaints him that he has nothing to expect from her contrary to her duty.
It is contrary to all our present science to suppose that consumption can be prevented by narcosis.
This is contrary to what we might have imagined, as warmth and moisture are quite destructive of the vaccinal virus.
He was told that it was contrary to the public interest that any information should be given.
Among other things, he disputes whether or no the anthropophagi act contrary to nature?
If any one says that widow-marriage is contrary to religion, I will give him vidya Sagar's essay to read.
The calyx therefore, contrary to the nature of the common Polytrichum, is proliferous from its base.
He loudly pronounced the proceedings of the possessory princes to be utterly illegal, and contrary to all precedent.
It was contrary to all his preconceptions of her domestic, home-loving disposition.
To assume, too, that gravelly and shaley soils are always well drained often leads directly contrary to the truth.
It is unnecessary to inquire here whether such a contract is void as champertous, and contrary to public policy.
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