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How to use captivity in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word captivity? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Through an elaborate maze of nets suspended by floats, fish are channelled into captivity.
After three and a half years in captivity, only one-third of the prisoners were still alive.
Falcated Teals are hardy birds and bread fairly easily in captivity. They are primarily aquatic feeders, but do occasionally dive for food.
Shortly after his release from captivity, he contemplates his pique at being served cold soup.
The first time wild dog puppies delivered in captivity in the Park, was in 2001 January, when the mother delivered four pups.
If Amber does make a full recovery she will spend the rest of her life in captivity for her own protection.
The sad fate of the German prisoners of war held in Soviet captivity is generally known in the Federal Republic.
Thousands of the partridges, a native bird of Spain, are being bred in captivity and then released into the wild in Scotland.
For many of the young bucks in their scarlet tunics, what starts as a great imperial adventure ends in either a squalid death or captivity.
Although no hybridization between those species has been noted in the wild, Amazona species are known to hybridize in captivity.
In China, these deer are now bred in captivity so that their musk can be harvested.
She talks of her confrontational attitude toward them during the early days of her captivity.
Some Australian bird species or parrot species will breed quite happily here in captivity.
So it was a group of four that finally made it to where humans had been keeping boobooks in captivity.
In captivity, the tigers were generally thought to be slothful, sluggish and boring and did not entertain their viewers.
The maintenance of species in captivity in zoos, aquaria, and botanic gardens is sometimes called ex situ conservation.
In the meantime, the bear that savaged Mitch also makes a return and is taken into captivity, bringing back another ghost from Einar's past.
Most animals' basic needs can be met in captivity if conditions are sufficiently favourable.
While in captivity, they are very vocal, uttering high-pitched whines and howls, rasping growls.
Female cowbirds were held in captivity and released at the end of the breeding season.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There he died in 1680, in the twenty-eighth year of his captivity, and seventy-eighth of his age.
Remember that, unlike the zebra, they are tamable in captivity, you'll be soaring with me yet.
His faculties seemed walled up in him, and were unmurmuring in their captivity.
I wonder if even a throstle would not get out of tune were it sentenced to life-long captivity?
The swan is a very silent bird in captivity, for this reason it is called the mute swan.
His great work on the variation of the length of the wing case in beetles kept in captivity had become a classic.
Was there any silent and sympathizing Dutchman to take pity on his captivity?
At Tamvot 250 Armenians were massacred and the women carried into captivity.
He delights to tyrannise over the ducks who so often keep him company in captivity.
All of them are short-tempered, and the bars of their captivity not too strong.
And he sketched rapidly the adventures that had befallen himself and Harvey since their captivity aboard the dredger.
Another interesting baboon is the mandrill, which one does not often see in captivity.
In captivity the kakapo is said to show much intelligence, as well as an affectionate and playful disposition.
This animal has bred in captivity, and has also interbred with domestic cattle.
The Carnivora generally are very easy to hybridize, and many successful experiments have been made with animals in captivity.
Somewhere here, he knew, slept Donnan's slaughterman, and it was possible that in this place Donald might be held in captivity.
Ireland has been for the last two generations brought into absolute captivity to the principles of ultramontanism.
In captivity the Gila monster begins to slough about January and continues this process during several months.
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