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How to use bridled in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word bridled? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
There, she found her horse, bridled him, and jumped to his back, not even bothering about a saddle.
As if of some amazing coincidence, a large white gelding broke from the ruins, still saddled and bridled.
He saddled and bridled Ebony, untied the halter, and led his horse carefully through the trees.
At a stroke, all the critics and commentators who had bridled at the appointment of a foreign manager were silenced.
Mexico's tequila makers bridled at its touting of Tequiza's tequila base, claiming it was misleading.
After letting the others go, Faye held the one remaining horse's head while her companion bridled him.
We found that bridled nailtail wallabies had one of the highest levels of heterozygosity and allelic diversity recorded for any marsupial.
He told her how much he loved horses, even taught her some tips on how to tame a wild horse that just got bridled from the wilderness.
Her tack was resting on a bale of hay in front of the stall, and soon the mare was saddled and bridled.
When they had gotten the horses all bridled and ready, Gina took the reins and led her horse over to the mounting block.
I criticized him on a lot of things, and he took it in stride, but he always bridled if I called him a politician.
She found Jare after a little bit of hunting and led him back to camp where she bridled him, and mounted.
Maxim had already saddled and bridled both their horses and was waiting patiently.
It was my bay mare, saddled and bridled, and tied by a neck rope to a young tree.
He spent days and nights with one catch-horse always bridled, ready to ride down strays.
In the back, behind the inn, their horses were waiting, already saddled and bridled.
In the yard a tangle of horses were being bridled and arranged in rough rows.
This last remaining wild population of bridled nailtail wallabies fell to fewer than 500 individuals in the mid-1990s during a protracted drought.
I bridled, too, at the unsolicited advice she persisted in giving my friends.
Some of Hearst's staff, too, bridled at the sensationalism but having discovered that it worked he was not about to abandon it.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He bit the end of his penholder instead, and bridled his tongue and temper.
Felipe bridled him in a moment and then sprang across the acequia with the lariat in his hand.
With such hints for divagation, let us resume our way down the river, henceforth navigable by barges and bridled by locks.
There was a silence in which he removed a nose bag, bridled and shoved a horse against the tongue.
Even the allwisest Stagyrite was bitted, bridled and mounted by a light of love.
Cuculain felt for his head in the dark, and bitted and bridled him ere he was aware.
The destrier was newly saddled and bridled, and showed proudly in his rich gay trappings.
The war-horse, saddled and bridled, is pawing the earth and neighing.
These were all saddled, bridled, and magnificently caparisoned.
I was not too much abashed to take notice that the Kelpie bridled at this.
The farmer had evidently seen him before, as he bridled angrily.
He was bridled, but instead of a saddle wore only a patch of a blanket.
It lasted while I just bridled a little with the sense that my office demanded that there should be no such ignorance and no such person.
So he was to be bitted and bridled, it seemed, in the future.
Amy bridled up at this insult, and determined to find out the secret, if she teased for an hour.
The sea anchor was bridled something like a kite, so that it bit into the water as a kite bites into the air, but with a difference.
Every individual taste, every natural appetite, was bridled by caution.
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