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How to use blessedness in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word blessedness? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
At no point in this eternal journey do I expect to dissolve into god or attain static blessedness.
In one case it is knowledge in a state of death, in the other it is knowledge in a state of indefectible blessedness and life.
And so because we are free to choose good or evil, we can say that God will allow us to seek blessedness or cursedness.
The use of the future tense indicates that blessedness includes future benefits that overcome the misfortunes of the present.
The blessedness of this doctrine is that he shall not be left to himself nor suffered to perish.
Thoughts of heaven merely blunted the urge for revolution by its promises of future blessedness.
The long-flowing lines smile euphoniously, without generating harsh inner tensions, and evoking a serenity appropriate to G major's blessedness.
At sunrise when the red sky is reflected in calm water and the line of the horizon disappears, I have a still, calm sense of blessedness.
In the unity reached by overcoming this divorce of the finite from the infinite lies religious blessedness, perfect beauty, and moral freedom.
All seek to offer hope, whether phrased as the vision of God, blessedness, eternal life, the greatest good, perfect happiness, or holiness.
Christ speaks this word of wholeness and well being and blessedness even to Thomas, who doubts.
In the Beatitudes, the things that bring blessedness are treasures that last.
According to devotees, pilgrimage to the Nizamuddin shrine enables them to partake of the saint's blessedness.
The Saviour tells us that it is more blessed to give than to receive, but how many of us are strangers to that blessedness?
But there will be no unfulfilled desires, and this blessedness will never end.
The Sermon on the Mount is, in many ways, an explication of the righteousness of the kingdom, evident even in the blessedness promised in the Beatitudes.
This mystery, which is the mystery of true blessedness, invites us to follow Jesus and thus to walk toward it.
In short, can you not be content with such reassuring security and guaranty as this, that the established order vouches for your blessedness in the hereafter?
But all we know of this world will pale before the newness and blessedness of life in the world to come, where sin and death are destroyed forever.
We are drawn by the gifts and glamour of other lifestyles, but this psalm says that the epitome of blessedness is to be found with your family around you.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There he stopped awkwardly in the enumeration of their presumable blessedness.
Where could a place be found to compare for blessedness with Mr Elder's school?
Without self-sacrifice there can be no blessedness either in earth or in heaven.
There will always be 'I' and 'thou,' or else there were no blessedness, nor worship, nor joy.
This blessedness then, doth it remain in the circumcision only or in the uncircumcision also?
I think nothing is really pleasure as compared with the blessedness of benefitting others.
To know God and not oneself to be God, to know blessedness and not oneself to enjoy it, is a state of disunity, of unhappiness.
Your time is hasting to an end, and endless blessedness must succeed it.
O satisfied world, you dwell in a blind and silent blessedness, while we dry up with our superterrestrial pangs of hunger.
How could she shrink from the blessedness of dispensing the divine mercy?
I nestled as close to him as I could go, and wept for blessedness.
The wretchedness of slavery, and the blessedness of freedom, were perpetually before me.
The day of full salvation, repose, and blessedness is near dawning.
The blessedness of the man whose transgression is forgiven was realized.
And the greater the sin against us, the greater the blessedness.
To her, the handwriting itself, independent of anything it may convey, is a blessedness.
And, with something of a pang, resolutely stifled, I realised for a moment the true blessedness of the single state I was so soon to leave behind.
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