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How to use acquiesce in in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "acquiesce in"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
However, to understand is not to acquiesce in or accept these developments.
To argue otherwise now is to acquiesce in a rhetoric which those of us who accept universal human rights have no choice but to reject as racist.
It took about two centuries to pacify the province, and indeed not until after 1854 did the Miao fully acquiesce in their fate.
But for the moment, there is no sign that Mr Wahid is ready to go quietly and acquiesce in a smooth transition.
This is the way things would go if Parliament were to acquiesce in the agreement between the Commission and the United States.
It noted that he had sent a succession of emails to the mother clearly indicating that he did not acquiesce in the retention.
We acquiesce in the loss of freedom whenever we are silent in the face of injustice to anyone.
It was sad for epistemologists, Hume and others, to have to acquiesce in the impossibility of strictly deriving the science of the external world from sensory evidence.
There will be temptations to bicker, there will be inducements from the north to sidle off and acquiesce in more compromise.
People perpetrate it of their own free will, and other people acquiesce in it of their free will by allowing it to go on.
If you let by without dispute a failure of language you acquiesce in an affront against literary integrity.
And if so, even an extreme physicalistic materialist could acquiesce in this view.
They are unlikely to join a government, but might however acquiesce in a minority UNP administration.
I am more than happy to acquiesce in the suggestion made by the parliamentary secretary.
Why do citizens acquiesce in regimes of which they obviously disapprove?
Canadian officials did not participate or acquiesce in the American decisions to detain Mr. Arar and remove him to Syria.
If the Soviet public, or portions of it in some of the republics, gets tired of economic and political uncertainty, it may acquiesce in a return to authoritarianism.
Canada should not acquiesce in this hijacking of the anti-terrorist program, but it neither can nor should pull out of collective security arrangements.
Never again will we acquiesce in the killing fields, not on our watch.
Douglas then urged the South to acquiesce in the results of the election.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This truth is so simple that the very ease with which we acquiesce in it robs it of its power.
The bystanders seemed to acquiesce in the justness and rightfulness of the action.
When worthy means of obtaining redress are exhausted it requires almost a supernatural virtue not to acquiesce in unworthy means.
But it is almost incredible to me how a man whose life is marred and made hideous by such laws can possibly acquiesce in their continuance.
But did not America acquiesce in the dethronement of the Stuarts?
We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.
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