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What is another word for touches?

Need synonyms for touches? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To come into general physical contact with
“I allowed my hands to touch the plush silken sheets, admiring its softness.”
To come into sensuous, and potentially inappropriate, physical contact with
“He reached out to touch her hand from across the table as their eyes locked.”
To be connected with
“In my dreams, I run hard, but my feet don't quite touch the ground, and so I don't actually move.”
To have an emotional effect on
“His kind words would touch me during my time of grieving.”
To sadden or be saddened by
“Jonny Fairplay's heartbreaking story about the death of his grandmother would touch the other contestants on the island.”
To be comparable to in quality or excellence
“Pete's skills were a class above the rest, and for many years, no other player could touch him.”
To have an affect or bearing on
“Does the international jurisprudence touch the problem that we are concerned with?”
(touch on) To make mention
“At some stage, we will need to touch on the topic of our current finances.”
To rise to or attain a given level
“Our profits are growing and will soon touch a new record if trends continue at the current rate.”
(usually in the negative) To attend to or deal with
“This is a highly sensitive matter that I would prefer not to touch for now.”
(usually in the negative) To handle, especially in order to interfere with, alter, or otherwise affect
“Do not touch any of my personal belongings while you're here!”
(usually in the negative) To eat or drink
“Little Bobby refuses to touch his Brussels Sprouts.”
To tarnish with something undesirable
“Trivial transgressions from his past cannot, and will not, touch his vast body of achievements to date.”
(dated, slang) To obtain money from, usually by borrowing (from a friend)
“All Barry ever does is touch me for money whenever he's in trouble.”
Plural for an general act of touching someone or something
“Pip, for a moment, was overcome with emotion as he felt the touch of Joe's hand upon his shoulder.”
Plural for a sensual, though potentially inappropriate, act of touching someone
“His touch was full of desire, yet wracked with apprehension.”
Plural for the faculty of perception through physical contact, especially with the fingers
“The soft fabric is specifically designed to titillate the touch of those who appreciate the finer things in life.”
Plural for a small amount of something
“There was a touch of passive-aggressiveness in his tone of voice which made me feel uncomfortable.”
Plural for a small distinctive detail or feature
“A subtle hint of cinnamon would add a nice touch to what was already a superb dessert.”
Plural for a particular manner or style of doing something
“The fabulous floral arrangements and alluring table settings have added a truly professional touch to the event.”
Plural for a distinctive manner or method of dealing with something
“With an artist's touch, she harnesses experimental visual effects to create the magic that suffuses her masterpieces.”
Plural for the state of being in regular communication with
“Be sure to stay in touch while you're away on your holiday.”
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