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What is another word for drops?

Need synonyms for drops? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To fall down or to a lower level, especially abruptly
“Four cowboys heard a whirring noise overhead and looked up to see a cylindrical object drop from the sky and crash into the ground.”
To drip or dribble down vertically
“I embrace her as tears of joy drop from her eyes.”
To abandon or discontinue (a course of action or study)
“If something comes up that has to be dealt with, I drop everything else, so that it can be done.”
To let go or release one's hold of
“He was told, in no uncertain terms, to drop his weapon immediately.”
To make or become lower, weaker, or less
“In addition, experts began predicting that housing prices would soon drop.”
To stop associating with
“For the sake of your sanity, I suggest you drop all of your toxic acquaintances.”
To place or leave something at a given place or location
“Just drop the keys on the shelf before you leave.”
To bring something somewhere (and leave it there)
Drop the report off at my office once you have finished with it.”
To make reference to or speak about briefly or in passing
“He would deliberately drop a few famous names as acquaintances to impress his peers.”
(of a person or animal) To sink to or towards the ground
“Players would drop to the ground with cramp after the action extended into a period of extra time.”
To die or collapse from exhaustion
“I began to fume as I was ready to drop from exhaustion, yet I couldn't say anything because the people there were really nice.”
To slope, lean or sink downwards
“Standing on the edge of cliffs that drop suddenly, it's easy to imagine that this is the world's brink.”
To knock or bring to the ground
“He managed to drop the would-be burglar with a single blow to the back of the head.”
To discard or dismiss someone or something from a place or group
“I told him if it happened again, I would drop him from the team. He got caught again so I kicked him off.”
To omit or exclude (someone or something)
“The government has decided to drop its controversial bill on private education.”
To hand over or expend as payment
“She would not hesitate to drop a chunk of cash on a new pair of Jimmy Choos.”
(sports) To fail to win (a point or a match)
“Federer has yet to drop a match in this tournament.”
Plural for a small round or pear-shaped portion of a liquid
“That first drop of rain begins a transformation from hunger to abundance.”
Plural for a small amount of something, especially a liquid
“This salad just needs a drop of vinaigrette.”
Plural for a fall in amount, quality, or rate
“Only a knave or fool would be displeased by the drop in unemployment.”
Plural for an abrupt or steep fall or slope
“He found himself on the edge of a steep cliff, with a drop of several hundred feet before him.”
Plural for the more favorable condition or position in a contest
“Disguising himself as another minion of Mordo, Dr. Strange gets the drop on his opponent.”
Plural for the relegation to a lower level, league or division
“A five-match unbeaten run has given Torquay a fighting chance of beating the drop.”
Plural for a small, round sweet or lozenge
“I rummage through my bag, desperately looking for a cough drop to soothe my dry throat.”
Plural for execution by hanging
“A large number of men and women sentenced to the drop had their sentences commuted by the Home Secretary.”
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