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What is another word for covers?

Need synonyms for covers? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

Coverings for a bed, such as sheets and blankets
“I hid in my bed, safe beneath the covers and surrounded by pillows.”
Products that have been stuffed, padded, or covered, usually furniture
Blinders, coverings, or covers restricting peripheral vision
Material used on the outside of a roof
Plural for a thing which lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it
“He gently flipped the cover of the gold box, revealing an azure light emanating from within.”
Plural for something that encloses another thing, especially to protect it
“Your new camera comes with a protective cover.”
Plural for shelter or protection sought by people in danger
“Fortunately, I had an umbrella with me to provide cover from the rain.”
Plural for a thick protective outer part or page of a book or magazine
“The splendid cover of the book is evocative of a magical escape.”
Plural for undergrowth or trees, especially when used as a shelter or camouflage
“Dutch was determined to slay the ugly predator hiding in the cover of the Central American jungle.”
Plural for an activity or organization used as a means of concealing an illegal or secret activity
“Heisenberg ran a car wash as a cover for his money-laundering operation.”
Plural for protection by insurance against liability, loss, or accident
“I need to call the insurance company to get some cover for my new car.”
Plural for a (usually thick) layer or deposit of material
“Fedor Zan led the way into the pine forest, trudging briskly through the thick cover of snow.”
Plural for someone or something replaces another, sometimes temporarily
“We will need to find a cover for your shifts before we can approve your leave.”
Plural for a wrapper used to enclose documents
“The report will be sent to you under separate cover.”
To place something over or upon, as to conceal or protect
Cover the turkey with a lid or foil, then roast it in the oven for three hours.”
To submerge something in
“Cover the saucepan with a lid and gently swirl to help cover the chicken in the caramel.”
To hide or conceal something (literally or figuratively)
“Rachel nervously laughed to cover her dismay and embarrassment at having been wrong about Don for over two years.”
To include or comprise of, as part of a whole
“This project will cover all buildings and structures currently used to house, support, and maintain NAS facilities and systems.”
To report on in published media
“News networks across the country would cover the controversial event in great detail.”
To explore or examine a given topic or subject
“The upcoming report will cover the current financial health of the company.”
To act or serve as a substitute, usually temporarily
“Two deputy headteachers at the school will cover for Mr. Richards until a replacement is appointed.”
To travel across a given area
“Within a month or so of our travels, we would cover most of the region.”
To envelop in a layer of something
“Our crops could not grow adequately because of excess dirt that would cover the seeds.”
To create or form a layer over
“The cold wind blew and snow would soon cover the fields.”
To sprinkle a layer over
“Once you have piped all of the buttercream on, cover the cake with some more Funfetti Sprinkles and enjoy!”
To be inclusive of after payment of an agreed amount of money or funds
“Fees will cover the costs of administration and advice given throughout your application process.”
To provide insurance for
“Many insurers will still cover you for existing conditions but only under certain caveats.”
To give an alibi to
“I'll cover for you if anyone comes looking for you. Now get out of here!”
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