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What is another word for blows?

Need synonyms for blows? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead.

To produce an air current
“This creates winds that generally blow from the southwest.”
To move or be carried by or as if by wind
“The dead leaves would blow through the empty city.”
To be moved by the wind or an air current
“I then sat outside and watched the leaves blow on the trees.”
To move or proceed very quickly
“Michael De Santa would blow past us in his car as he frantically chased his slimy psychiatrist.”
To make a sound, usually with an instrument
“When the camp was called to move, a trumpet would blow and the east part of the camp went forward.”
To spend recklessly
“They say I blow my money on women and wine, but I couldn't tell you where I spent last night.”
To pant or breathe hard or with difficulty
“Both competitors would begin to blow hard after a grueling race.”
To burst or cause to burst due to pressure or overheating
“The tire will blow from the inside out if you hit a bump hard enough.”
To (excessively) boast about one's accomplishments, qualities, or possessions
“Exaggeration was the soldier's usual way to blow about his battles, his state, his girl back home, etc.”
To be in flower, or to produce flowers
“In the mountains far and near, the flowers bloom and blow.”
To leave (suddenly)
“It's time to blow this joint.”
To emit or expel (air or gas)
“The old factory will blow noxious fumes on whoever is in its presence.”
(electricity) To burn out through overloading
“A tube that has totally broken down inside will often cause a short circuit and blow a fuse.”
To completely bungle (an opportunity)
“You'll feel like you're on a romantic first date and there's no way you're going to blow this one by exposing yourself as a cheapskate.”
To expose (a disguise or stratagem)
“The undercover cop had to blow his cover by pulling his gun out when he thought the crooks had spotted him.”
(blow up) To enlarge an object by pushing air (or gas) into it
“I posted instructions on how to blow up the balloon and then pop it.”
A direct confrontation or competition between (usually two) teams or groups
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The mechanics of a movement
Plural for a strong gust of wind
“The Pyramids would interrupt the steady blow of the wind by causing numerous oblique currents, producing an increase of windborne sand.”
Plural for a powerful stroke with a hand, weapon, or hard object
“A stone smashed through an offside window of the vehicle, causing a glancing blow to a passenger.”
Plural for an unfortunate shock or disappointment
“He was then dealt another terrible blow when his beloved elder sister fell sick.”
Plural for an act of blowing an instrument
“From the first blow of the whistle, we were unsure as to who would take control of the ball when McDonald put the first score on the board.”
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